Letter: Is a higher minimum wage an answer to the nation’s woes?

To the Editor:

In a healthy, robust economy, President Barack Obama’s increase in minimum wage would be good news. During his recent visit to New Britain, the president was right when he said, “Nobody who works full time should have to live in poverty.”

But raising the minimum wage will not cure poverty. Most businesses pay well over minimum wages, and many small business owners are now sweating out problems to just stay open.

Businesses face increases in monthly expenses, such as rising rents, cost of supplies and higher taxes. Many must cut expenses by letting workers go. Employers will be forced to raise prices.

Raising the minimum wage is barely a Band Aid for the 50% of New Britain children living in poverty, and the one in four Bridgeport residents living in poverty.

We must have active leadership to unite us to struggle our way out of this suicidal economic plague we see destroying our nation.

We must make every possible effort to rebuild a profitable consumer industry that will provide taxes for our government and livable salaries for all of our workers. Does anyone have a better solution?

Dick De Witt