Letter: It's time for the U.S. to stop fighting 'unwinnable wars'

To the Editor:

Millions of our young men have been recruited to protect and serve our nation by the military. Many thousands willingly sacrificed their lives for presidential and Congressional policies that are weakening and destroying our nation.

These are policies that allow our land, forests, water, oil and all other natural resources to be taken from our people and sold off to the highest foreign bidder.

We celebrate the Fourth of July and sing "God Bless America," but our libraries and the Internet cannot tally how much our people own from sea to shining sea.

How much longer must we fight the brutal, unwinnable wars alone? We have been forced to fight one brutal  dictator and terrorist group after another — al-Oueda, Saddam Hussein, and now ISIS.

Where are our 165 allies? Where’s England? Spain? France? Germany? Sweden? Israel? Why is this only our fight?

If we keep kicking the Mideast bee’s nest and continue agitating Russia, who will help us when they come here?

When will our leaders begin acting mature and sensible? When will they pull our troops out of the Middle East and concentrate instead on our expertise and finances, rebuilding our national health and strength.

We must not be afraid to compete globally, peacefully and profitably with all nations. We must find the leadership with the intelligence and ability to put our nation back in the action. We must rebuild our industry.

I have been writing about the sell-out of our industry and natural resources since 1992, when I wrote in a Letter to the Editor: “We are in a recession and rapidly entering a depression.”

Our economic experts claim the recession ended in 2002 and again in 2008. How can this wishful thinking be explained to thousands of middle-class disappointed, jobless, foreclosed-on, homeless and bankrupt citizens in our nation?

Dick De Witt