Letter: It's time to look inward and rebuild America

To the Editor:

Have you noticed how the news has tilted? When I was a little kid I learned we lived in a great big world with a whole lot of other big countries. Now, as I have gotten older (if you are young enough to consider 90 older), it seems the world has shrunken.

I enjoy flipping through three newspapers every morning and I suddenly realize the world is getting smaller and smaller. According to the papers I read, the United States is practically alone in the world and most of the other countries are our personal enemies ... and it’s our duty to get rid of them.

It seems we are doomed to spend trillions of dollars and sacrifice thousands of men fighting all the battles of the world alone. We are told that we must fight the evil empires of the world or they will come here.

I was taught that if you go looking for trouble, you will certainly find it. I also was taught not to kick a bees’ nest.

Right now the Mideast is a bees’ nest, if there ever was one, and we are fascinated by it. We just can’t seem to leave it alone.

I was settling into civilian life when I found our country involved in the Korean War. Before we fully recovered from that conflict, we got involved in Vietnam and we all know how many thousands of our brave troops fought, were wounded, and died in that hot jungle.

During the past 60 years, China and Japan have become suppliers of our consumer goods, automobiles, and about everything else we need.

Instead of enjoying our victory after World War II and building our great wonderful country into a land of plenty for us all, we have continued to put our strength in our military/industrial complex at the expense of jobs and income for our citizens.

Rather than build our corporations and industries for peace, health, wealth and happiness, our military/industrial complex spends billions on instruments of death and finds us new enemies to destroy.

Our military/industrial complex has shifted our attention toward an unending supply of enemies in the Mideast. Don’t we deserve a few years of peace? It’s been one dictator after another.

Must we continue the unending battle until we completely destroy ourselves? Today it’s ISIS, while we’re still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and dealing with problems in Syria and Ukraine. And there’s North Korea, Iran, etc.

The vitality and strength of a nation is in the health and well being of its workforce. Much of the world has managed to turn to peace and improve their economies. Why don’t we?

Dick De Witt