Letter: Lack of debate denies voters to be heard

To the Editor:

There will be a Mayoral Candidate debate on October 19th, at 7pm, at Shelton Intermediate School. It will be held by the Shelton Voters League. Both Michele Bialeck and I will be there to talk about important issues in Shelton. There is one problem with this debate, the mayor isn’t going to be there. Not because he has more important matters to attend to. Not because he is unable to attend, but because he “Does not debate.” He refuses to engage either Michele or myself in any debate, and is denying the people of Shelton a chance to have their voices heard.

This is part of a larger problem of Shelton’s government, it has forgotten that it serves its people. In addition to this most republican candidates did not fill out the Shelton Voters Network survey. A simple way for them to engage the public, and show they have a positive plan for the city of Shelton beyond “We keep the taxes low.”

Why does Mayor Lauretti feel he has no need to debate us? Is it because he doesn’t want his constituents to know his plans for the city? It is because he doesn’t want public discussion? If there is no public discussion, then people will default their votes for him or not vote at all. Mayor Lauretti does not want us to vote. If people don’t vote then he wins. He has time and time again, refused to engage in any discussion about the election. He was elected by the people of Shelton, to serve the people of Shelton. It is time we remind him of that.

Timothy Bristol

Shelton mayoral candidate