Letter: Lamont committed to education

To the Editor:

This year, it’s critical for Connecticut to elect a governor who will support a strong and vibrant educational system that is designed to meet the needs of all students and drive our state’s economy.

As our classrooms are being asked to do more with less and the disparities between our school systems only continue to grow, Ned Lamont is committed to making Connecticut a model for closing the achievement gap.

Ned is dedicated to increasing resources, including intensive tutoring and summer school programs, for students who are not reading or math proficient by the end of first, second and third grades. We can’t wait until high school to get these students caught up, by then it is too late.

As a former volunteer teacher in Bridgeport, Ned knows how important it is to have a balanced teacher-to-student ratio, so our children are able to receive the support they need to succeed in their education. As governor, Ned will make sure each classroom’s size fosters a positive learning environment for our students.

As a member of Shelton’s Board of Education, I know firsthand the need to continue to move our educational system forward and use the tools of the 21st Century. Our students need these tools to compete in a global society, to support a global market, whether it is advanced manufacturing or going on to the top tier colleges and universities.

Connecticut needs a governor who is invested in the academic successes of our children. Ned Lamont has promised to be the education governor.

David M. Gioiello, Jr.

Chair, Shelton Democratic Town Committee

Shelton Board of Education Member