Letter: Let’s rebuild America, not try to solve the world's problems

To the Editor:

For many years I voted for candidates who claimed they were honest and dedicated to serving in the interest of the public. What happened?

Is it possible human nature cannot be trusted, that money corrupts everyone? Would one incorruptible senator step forward and identify yourself?

We all take it for granted that millions of dollars are required to run for a public office. Poor honest farmer, wood chopper and lawyer Abraham Lincoln would never have stood a chance.

Has anyone suggested that it’s a shame to waste millions of dollars in campaign funds.

Why don’t we just give the election to the candidate with the most money and use that useless loot in some practical way, such as spend it on food, medicine and fresh-water wells for the poor in Africa.

A teacher friend offered me startling information that we don’t live in a democracy of, by and for the people — instead, we have morphed into a plutocracy.

My dictionary defines a plutocracy is “a government ruled by the wealthy.”

Would our new government ever haul down our Stars and Stripes and run up a new banner? Say, something with a huge dollar sign?

Although my family has been Republican for generations, I really liked John F. Kennedy. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he wisely said he would not blindly take the word of his generals again.

When Russian ships headed toward Cuba, JFK’s generals said, “Now is the time to hit them with nuclear rockets before they hit us.” Kennedy went the peaceful route and reached an agreement with Soviet leader Khrushchev. Russian ships backed off.

He also said our country is willing to go anywhere, fight any battle, to aid our allies.

We have been at war for over 60 years, fighting communism and generally losing to the Chinese; and getting involved in the Mideast, losing thousands of men, trillions of dollars, and leaving Afghanistan and Iraq in worse condition that we found them — and still fighting.

The plutocracy has gotten wealthier sending our innocent boys and women to fight their profitable wars that fill our VA hospitals with broken bodies and damaged minds.

When is enough? When we will our intelligent leaders show enough common sense and passion to bring us all together in a unified effort to reclaim our nation in peace, and reclaim our “Made in America” jobs?

When will we stop trying to solve the world’s problems and begin rebuilding the spirit and energy of our own wonderful country?

Dick De Witt