Letter: Local VA hospital offers good care, staff shows ‘great respect’

To the Editor:

The West Haven Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital serves many thousands of veterans from World War II to Iraq, Afghanistan and the present.

The doctors and nurses at West Haven are highly skilled. Every man and woman working in the hospital shows great respect and care for each veteran.

I visited the hospital a few days ago and felt a solemn chill in the lobby. A large photo of Gen. Eric Shinseki, who just stepped down as U.S. secretary of veterans affairs, was still displayed on the side of a photo of President Barack Obama.

Obama met with Shinseki and said “if such cover-ups were true it would be dishonorable ... I will not stand for it.” The president sent his deputy chief of staff to Phoenix to check on the allegations that government workers falsified data to hide long lines of veterans waiting to see doctors.

The media jumped on the story and Obama made a rush to judgment to remove Shinseki, a four-star general.

Why haven’t we heard names and facts about the guilty government workers who hid this information from Shinseki?

There are hundreds of well-run veteran hospitals all over our nation that now suffer under the cloud of mismanagement, while actually the VA hospitals — including the one in Shelton — are among the finest in the world.

Veteran hospital workers deserve our highest honor and respect for the difficult jobs they must handle daily, repairing terribly torn minds and replacing and repairing bodies blown apart.

While being treated at the West Haven Hospital I told the audiologist, Jessica Preston, how much I appreciated the excellent care I have received from Dr. Jackie Satchell and everyone in the hospital.

I mentioned that I would send a letter to the Shelton Herald. She said she would like a copy and would pass it on. “The people who work in the VA Hospital would appreciate a few kind words,” Preston told me.

Dick De Witt