Letter: Majority of Alderman endorse Erin Stewart for Lt. Gov

To the Editor:

Fellow Republicans, when you vote for our party's nominee for Lt. Gov. ask yourselves who is the candidate that can most help our governor nominee in the general election. Ask who can bring much needed energy and excitement to the ticket? Ask who can help bring votes from an area which Republicans do not do well, and ask who can bring people together to get things done in an effective manner that benefits the people of Connecticut? The answer is New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart. When Erin became New Britain mayor, she inherited a $30 million deficit. She worked hard and worked with everyone to eliminate that debt and worked to do what was right. Because of Erin's leadership, New Britain has had four straight years of balanced budgets and is thriving. Erin is someone who unites people and can get things done. We need renewed energy in our party and need to attract new voters. Erin Stewart brings both. For these reasons, we strongly endorse Erin Stewart for Lt. Gov. and we urge all Republicans to vote for her on primary day, August 14th!

Eric McPherson, Vice President Shelton Board of Aldermen  

Jim Capra, Alderman, Ward 4-Shelton

Noreen McGorty, Alderman, Ward 4-Shelton

Stanley Kudej, Alderman, Ward 2-Shelton

Cris Balamaci- Alderman, Ward 3 Shelton

David Gidwani, Alderman, Ward 1-Shelton