Letter: Outsiders Bermudez Zimmerman, Mattei, deserve Democrats' support

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, August 14, Democrats will head to the polls to choose their nominees for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, respectively.

Two candidates challenging party-endorsed candidates deserve Democrats' support. One of those candidates, Eva Bermudez Zimmerman, is challenging party-endorsed Susan Bysiewicz for the nomination for Lieutenant Governor. A lot has been made about the diversity Bermudez Zimmerman's candidacy would bring to the general election ticket with either Lamont or Ganim (She is Hispanic and a millennial) but, in my view, her addition to the ticket would mean a lot more than just that. Above all else, Bermudez Zimmerman brings a working class perspective to the Democrats’ general election ticket. She is a union organizer for the SEIU and throughout her campaign she has been championing mainstream Democratic proposals like raising the minimum wage to a living wage of $15, while also championing not so mainstream proposals like a tax on Big Box retail stores (Ex: Walmart) to bring in much needed revenue and a local CT Medicaid public option through Husky. Her nomination would be a win for the working class while also locking down the Progressive "Bernie wing" of the party come November.

Another outsider candidate that deserves Democrats’ support is federal prosecutor Chris Mattei, who is running against endorsed Democratic candidate William Tong and state senator Paul Doyle for Attorney General. Mattei brings an impressive resume to the table, one that's topped off with being the guy to successfully prosecute former corrupt Governor John Rowland. Mattei was also the only Attorney General candidate to not accept lobbyist's donations to his campaign on his quest to public financing (a loophole in our clean elections program). Finally, he is the best candidate to protect CT's medical marijuana program, along with its eventual recreational marijuana system against feared federal government crackdowns. Party endorsed candidate William Tong voted "No" on establishing a medical program in CT in 2007 and abstained from voting on the bill which authorized its current medical program in 2012. Tong is behind on an issue that, at this point, should be bread and butter for all democrats. Mattei on the other hand fully supports our medical program and a future recreational system. He is the best choice to defend CT citizens against government corruption and federal government overreach. Please consider voting for both Eva Bermudez Zimmerman for LG and Chris Mattei for AG on August 14.

Matt McGee