Letter: Papa stands behind McGorty and Capra

I wish to thank all those who voted for me to be your 4th Ward Alderman for the past 24 years! It has been my honor and privilege to serve my community to address your concerns and help solve your problems. I am writing to show my support for Noreen McGorty and Jimmy Capra. Noreen is currently the chairwoman of the EMS Commission and actively involved on the Public Health & Safety Committee. She works with the Chief of Police to ensure that all Shelton residents receive emergency services and families are kept safe. Jimmy Capra is a life-long Shelton resident and currently the Property Manager of Avalon in Shelton. He is aware of economic development which will bring in revenue to support our Shelton tax base and help keep our taxes low. Jimmy is young, vibrant and excited about serving as the new 4th Ward Alderman. Electing Noreen and Jimmy will keep Shelton moving in a positive direction that will benefit all the citizens of our great city. John P. Papa Current 4th Ward Alderman.