Letter: Religion can teach right and wrong, kindness, sharing

To the Editor:

Have you ever wondered why no one seems to have a solution to all of the problems that face us daily in newspapers and television?

Men and women have solved so many problems in technology and medicine. Why haven’t we made any attempt in trying to solve our crippling manmade problems — unemployment, financial gap between billionaires and homeless, poverty, overcrowded prisons, trillion dollar deficits, crime, wars, etc.?

How can we possibly put up with these problems in our richly bountiful land? Do we lack foresight and intelligence to find a solution?

Has freedom of religion in our schools produced generations of agnostics and atheists? Do our youth know the difference between right and wrong?

Why is our media filled with unending reports of murder — of men killing girlfriends or wives, of mothers killing their children, and young boys killing their mothers?

Was it a really good idea to ban all mention of Jesus from classrooms? The message of love for one another, helping the poor, feeding the hungry, visiting, and caring for prisoners has been replaced with slaughter by a parade of dictators.

Schools teach anti-religion, the excesses of the church, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, domination by sword and cross, pogroms, armies formed and marching for some self-chosen leader seeking power by slaughtering men under a false banner of religion.

Religion is our personal relationship with God. The purpose of religion is to teach us to live a moral life. To bring us together in kindness and compassion. To lighten the burdens of the world by sharing them.

Religion does not teach us to hate and fear our neighbors or nations. Churches and schools have nothing to fear from presenting a history of ethics and morality of the world’s religions. All we can lose is our petty prejudices, intolerance and sanctified ignorance.

Dick De Witt