Letter: Religion doesn’t cause wars but greedy leaders do

To the Editor:

People continually search for answers to the many daily problems.

Some humorously say, “ Life would be easier if we were born with a book of instructions.” Perhaps we have the book of instructions, and we overlook and ignore it.

Our schools spend hours teaching us the endless history of wars. Years are devoted to teaching lives of Greek and Roman emperors.

We are provided with detailed information about the Crusades We learn about the conquests of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and all the other mass slaughters involving men against men, nation against nation

Somehow we arrive at the perception that much of this senseless blood shedding is caused by religion. That religious wars have caused centuries of fear, prejudice and brutal bloodshed.

Actually, there has never been a religious war. The word “religious war” is an oxymoron.

Those who study the world’s religion know that all religions teach brotherhood and peace on earth. All religions teach that killing is a sin.

Greedy and deceitful leaders have used their authority to divide us. They understand how easy it is to form an army willing to kill and die by wrapping themselves in an emotional, religious banner.

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your enemy. Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, help those in prison.” Jesus said we are all brothers and sisters.

God has provided us with a paradise to feed our hunger, and provide beauty and delight for our ears and eyes— and peace for our minds and souls.

In payment for God’s bountiful gifts, we ban all knowledge of Him and the life of Jesus from our schools and textbooks. Shouldn’t we set aside some time to teach the life and teachings of Jesus?

Why do we want to continue to raise generations of agnostics and atheists.

Dick De Witt