Letter: Resident sees running mountain lion in Shelton

To the Editor:

As I was driving on Judson Street on June 10 at approximately 3:10 in the afternoon, a mountain lion ran across the street in front of my car at a high rate of speed.

It was running in the direction that would have taken it through to Judson Circle.

I drove around the block, hoping to snap a picture, but there was no sign of it at this point. It was exactly what you see in photos — sandy golden beige color with a very long distinct tail.

I was startled but excited to have seen this wild creature running so free.

I recently drove through the area again and was lucky enough to catch the gentleman who had lived in the house where the lion crossed through outdoors. I warned him and asked him to please inform his neighbors.

Brenda Keller 


Editor’s note: Judson Street and Judson Circle are off Buddington Road near Huntington Street, not far from the Trap Falls Reservoir.