Letter: Response to a ‘A student’s perspective’

To the Editor:

Shelton High School student Matt McGee recently complained in a letter that Shelton schools are underfunded. He stated that the school budget should be increased, even if it leads to higher property taxes.

Yet for the last 26 years, Shelton voters have supported Mayor Lauretti's strategy of balanced growth which has brought us much prosperity, attractive development and low taxes. Every school in town has been built or upgraded in the past five years. The schools are overflowing with computers and overpaid teachers.

The low taxes allows many senior citizens and others to continue to live in Shelton. Elections have consequences, and every democrat who ran against Lauretti failed to convince the majority of residents that we should be spending a fortune on our school system.

By my observation, kids do well when they are motivated by responsible parents. Many kids have gone on to successful careers despite, and not because of, the Shelton school system. Pouring more money into the school budget is not the solution. In years past the Board of Ed has wasted funds. Even today too many teachers take 8 to 10 sick days a year, thus increasing costs for substitute teachers.

I urge Mr. McGee to work as hard as he can and learn as much as he can before he graduates from  Shelton High School in 2020. His success in life will depend more on his own diligence and study habits, than the size of the school budget.

And then some day when he returns after college to settle down in Shelton, he will be able to buy a nice house because the property taxes will probably still be affordable.

Ron Pavluvcik