Letter: Shelton DTC backs early voting amendment

To the Editor:
At the March meeting of the Shelton Democratic Town Committee, we unanimously approved a resolution in support of Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s suggested amendment to the State Constitution to allow for early voting. Our right to vote is one of the building blocks of our democracy, and the greater the number of voters participating in our elections, the stronger our democracy will be.
While the number of people eligible to vote in Connecticut has increased, the percentage of those actually voting has not increased significantly. Many voters find their daily lives and schedules complex and often in flux, which contributes to some voters not being able to vote due to lack of time off from work, having to care for medically fragile relatives, lack of child care and many other issues.
During our most recent election, many found long lines at the polling locations, thus adding to their frustration. Not everyone has the time to stand and wait in line for hours on a Tuesday to vote. Failing to allow other options for these voters simply disenfranchises them from our democracy.
Those who oppose early voting say they fear more voter fraud. States that have implemented early voting have not seen a rise in voter fraud but have seen greater participation in voting. A strong democracy depends on citizen engagement. Steps that help to engage citizens are a positive step forward to strengthen our democracy.
The Shelton Democratic Town Committee urges all Shelton voters to write to our state representatives and state senator to encourage them to support the proposed amendment to the State Constitution to allow early voting. Ben.McGorty@housegop.ct.gov; Jason.Perillo@housegop.ct.gov; Kevin.Kelly@cga.ct.gov.
David M. Gioiello, Jr.
Chair, Shelton Democratic Town Committee