Letter: Steve Guralnick for ward 3

When I first moved to Shelton I tried to learn more about our local government, and I had the opportunity to meet both of my ward Aldermen.  Those meetings are the reason why I’m bullet voting for Steve Guralnick for Ward 3 Alderman this year.  John Anglace was happy to meet me, but he seemed entirely uninterested in my concerns. He spoke a lot about all the good things he felt he had done for Shelton – and I’m sure he has done some things – but mostly I felt like he was on auto pilot, rattling off his accomplishments without any interest in my views or the issues I cared about. Observing his comments in the paper and approach to chairing meetings during the budget process reinforced my view that he was out of touch. My experience with Lynn Farrell was worse.  I went to the inauguration of our elected officials after the 2013 election. I approached Ms. Farrell after the ceremony had ended, gave my name, and explained that I lived in Ward 3 and so she was my Alderman. She looked at me like I was a stranger who had no reason to be approaching her.

Our Alderman should seek out and consider the views of their constituents. They should be happy to meet a constituent who introduces herself at a government function.

I was very pleased to learn that Steve Guralnick was running for Ward 3 Alderman. I have gotten to know Steve a bit over the last year. I find him thoughtful, intelligent, careful, responsible, organized and he’s a very good listener.  He has management experience, and currently works in the healthcare field, but has a background in education. He’s lived in Shelton for 30 years and so knows our city well and he plans to focus on issues of safety, seniors, a balanced budget and the general quality of life in Shelton. Steve Guralnick would be a great asset to our Board of Aldermen. I encourage every voter in Ward 3 (that’s your ward if you vote at the Long Hill School) to vote for Steve for Alderman on Tuesday.