Letter: Supports Vickerelli to help jump-start economy

To the Editor:

On August 12 Mike Vickerelli is running in a primary to be our state representative in the 122nd Assembly District, a seat formerly held by Larry Miller for over two decades until he recently passed away after a courageous bought with cancer. I am supporting Mike because of his practical business experience and his deep commitment to our community and our country. Mike has developed and helped establish over 30 companies, he served our nation proudly in the United States Army and he currently serves on the regional government relations and transportation committee and the regional transit oriented district committee. His involvement with the Bridgeport Regional Business Council and the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce gives me the confidence Mike understands what it will take to jump start Connecticut’s stagnant economy.

Over the last few years we had to make tough choices here in Trumbull to ensure our town’s financial stability and we need leaders in Hartford with the courage to make the same tough choices. Mike understands Hartford’s runaway spending and increased taxes are not going to help attract businesses and jobs to make our state competitive. Larry Miller thought Mike was the best choice to replace him and if that’s good enough for Larry then it’s certainly good enough for me. On August 12 support Mike Vickerelli, because Trumbull, Shelton and Stratford need someone in Hartford who gets it!

Tim Herbst

First selectman, Trumbull