Letter: Teachers often help to provide supplies to their students

To the Editor:

Having read the Shelton Herald article on Al Cameron’s retirement from his job as the Shelton Board of Education’s finance director, I feel I must respond.

Although he “praised Shelton teachers and other school staff for their commitment,” I believe that there is something more here that must be said.

Perhaps we in Shelton do more with less (with regard to resources) because of what the teachers put into their students and classes. Teachers frequently reach into their own pockets to buy what they feel is necessary to help student achievement.

Supplementary materials to enhance learning or help a child be organized, and even supplies that students are otherwise expected to come to school with, are often provided by the teachers.

Another resource is our very generous PTO/PTA organizations. Parents work diligently to provide programs and extras for the students of Shelton.

We cannot be complacent with regard to student spending. Yes, we must be wise about where our dollars go, but “let’s do more with less” is not the best approach when it comes to educating our children.

Denise Melsenti Wilson


Denise Melsenti Wilson is a teacher.