Letter: There are too many wars led by 'greedy, hate-filled leaders'

To the Editor:

How would you like to have 90 years of precious memories? Then you begin to notice gravity getting stronger and pulling you down.

I have been in the habit of reading parts of three daily newspapers, two weeklies, and a magazine. Picasso’s “Man from La Mancha” was on a search for beauty and truth.

I am seeking some simple, good news in the media — on honest politicians, old-fashioned American know-how, manufacturing, production, improved employment.

I would like to live to see the return of our manufacturers from overseas and the proud label “Made In America” once more on thousands of profitable consumer products.

But all I read is continuous slaughter of wars all over the world — Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa. The daily bombing of Palestinians by Israel, with three children killed when a tank shell hit the home where they were sleeping. Their father had to dig them out from under the rubble.

Why must kind, generous, loving people in this world allow themselves to be bullied through the ages by greedy, hate-filled leaders who start wars their families are never required to fight, and leave nations bombed out, desolate and smoldering in ruins and  families starving and in rags?

Why has ethics, morality and kindness been forced out of our schools? Why has God been expelled from our schools and universities?

Why is Moses and the Ten Commandments banned all over our nation?

Yes, I have lived 90 wonderful years. How sad that good people stand by while our wonderful world and good, friendly neighbors are being slaughtered by our stupid, criminal leaders searching for new wars to wage.

Dick De Witt