Letter: There's too much litter near two schools in Shelton

The following letter was addressed to city and school officials in Shelton and a copy made available to the Herald for publication.

To the Editor:

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Superintendent, Principals and Assistant Principals:

While walking on Meadow Street, Route 108 (Shelton Avenue) and Constitution Boulevard North, as well as through the intermediate school and high school, I have noticed considerable litter.

This includes the following: soda and beer cans and bottles, water bottles, power drink and juice cans and bottles, gum and gum wrappers, cigarette butts and packaging, candy and power wrappers, pens and pencils, notebook paper, fast-food bags and wrappers, chewing tobacco cans, whiskey bottles, banana peels, apple cords, yogurt containers, coffee cups, tops of all kinds, straws, etc.

May I make a suggestion: Perhaps you could have homerooms, gym classes or students on in-school suspension check the area at least once a week for garbage.

Richard Rizzi