Letter: Unwinnable wars, higher debt and chasing windmills

To the Editor:

Why do I have I have in common with Picasso’s “Man from La Mancha?" Why have I spent 20 years of my life chasing windmills?

Why should I care if our U.S. senators believe the only answer to our nation’s financial crisis is to continuously approve adding trillions more dollars to our national debt for future generations.

Shouldn’t Congress be making serious, long-range plans to rebuild our industries, giving millions of our workers regular paychecks to make Made In America products for our people?

Our powerful military industrial complex has led us from one wasteful, unwinnable war to another.

The United States went into trillions of debt to pay for World War II. We supplied England with billions of dollars in military equipment.

We lost many sailors and ships in the icy North Sea, providing mountains of supplies to Russia. We spent trillions of dollars to lay waste to Germany, France and Japan.

The “military/industrial power” led our government on a 60-year series of nonprofit, unwinnable wars that filled our cemeteries and hospitals. A dowry of debt for future generations.

Why should I care? People in our country are more interested in who won the Super Bowl and the Sochi Olympics.

Chasing windmills is tiring and so lonely.

Dick De Witt