Letter: Vote for Shelton in the Aug. 14 Primary

To the Editor:

I wasn’t always registered with a political party. I first registered to vote as undeclared, independent. There were excuses, like I didn’t fit a party mold, or being upset at how I perceived parties were run. Eventually I realized if people like me want a party that represents them it’s more effective working within their party than watching from outside.

What values are important to Shelton, political parties and state government? I want parties and elected officials who support working class citizens and the Unions that fight for fair wages and benefits in turn building a stronger economy. That practice transparent, inclusive government listening to all residents. Who fix budget problems by balancing progressive tax policies, streamlining spending but without cutting important support programs for our poor, elderly and vulnerable. Supporters of education championing better universities to produce the talented graduates that employers need bringing jobs to Connecticut. Who will defend our current healthcare laws while working on improvements because we cannot afford the more expensive system we had before the Affordable Care Act. I registered Democrat.

Voters can affect the direction of a political party by voting in the August 14 Primary for the candidates that represent our values.This year’s primary has an unusually large number of candidates presenting more choices for voters. Primary voters must register with a party. Undeclared voters, as I was, can choose a party until the day before the primary. Anyone who’ll be 18 before the November General Election can also vote in the primary. Don’t skip this opportunity to make yourself heard and advance our shared Shelton values.

Kevin Kosty

Shelton DTC