Letter: Vote out democrats not upholding the Constitution

To the Editor:

Over these past 4 weeks of Senate hearings and their antics should be enough to call for an amendment to the Constitution to provide term limits for all members of Congress. The suggestion is for a maximum 2 terms for senators and 4 terms for the house members sounds reasonable, those are for a lifetime, no repeats.

The U.S. Senate has been and still is the most coveted body of any the government.  For over 240 years — only 100 members — with great staffing, unlimited funding and almost a guaranteed lifetime job. They have holidays and most weekends off, great pay, super benefits and those benefits pass on to their spouses/partners. They work literally at their own pace on most days. They have few deadlines and never suffer any consequences if they miss those.They decide and vote on increases to their own compensation and benefits when we are asleep. What could be better job then that?

A U.S. Senator does not have the authority to wage a personal vendetta on Judge Brett Kavanaugh,  Nor, on "behalf of the American people to belittle, convict and derail the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court."  The courtesy of due process was absent, respect for a man who has dedicated his life to his country completely disregarded."

We the people, are solely responsible to prevent electing adolescent, incompetent U.S. Senators with agendas that stray from the interest of the people and for their arrogance and rude behavior.   

Senator Collins made it clear, they were all well aware of his thoughts and feelings on the subject of Roe v. Wade before the hearings started. Their sadistic means of trying to convict him of being a sexual predator because of an alleged incident from over 36 years ago was crass and undeniably wrong.   

Judge and now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh obtained every job title throughout his life with merit and hard work alone, something the U.S. Judiciary Committee failed to even acknowledge while waging their sick vendetta. They tried desperately to smear his life of service with unfounded and unsubstantiated and improvable accusations.

One of those senators on the committee who should be removed from office because he showed no self restraint in the coordinated attack against Kavanaugh is our own Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal. You might recall he claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran. He was a veteran and he served, but to my knowledge NOT in Vietnam. Even disgraced actress, Jane Fonda, spent more time in Vietnam then he did. Stolen valor is an inexplicable lie and cannot be justified or explained away. Blumenthal says he is for the Veterans but he is a hopeless hack just trying to garner votes from those he has thrown under the bus in the past when he wants to be in front of the camera.

The American people should reject any Democratic Senators who felt publicly offended by Judge Kavanaugh defending himself, his reputation, his family and his accomplishments on the bench. They are only elected officials who work for the people, they are not as our overseers. The Democratic members of the committee should apologize for their indiscretions and black mailing tactics immediately.   

Mid-term elections matter and on Nov. 6 everyone and anyone eligible to vote should make it to the polls or vote via absentee ballot to remove Democrats who were not doing their duty to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution as they swore to do so.  Assist a neighbor and bring someone to the polls to help stop the Democrats.They have no plan for our well being, welfare or that of our friends, neighbors or loved ones.

Anthony F. Simonetti