Letter: What will it take to make the U.S. wake up from economic suicide?

To the Editor:

Every morning I spend an hour or two reading letters to the editors of the New York Times, Connecticut Post, New Haven Register, and on a weekly basis, the Shelton Herald and Fairfield Sun newspapers.

The letters include a wide range of opinions from politicians and economic experts. This has been a 20-year search to discover a practical solution to our suicidal, national mutli-trillion-dollar economic problems.

Day after day, these writers recount the desperate seriousness of our nation’s growing unemployment, bankruptcies, foreclosures, multiple shutdowns of our government, and ever-growing debt.

For years, our presidents promise “jobs! jobs! jobs!”, but the promise is forgotten as soon as the election is over.

Our government gives $12 billion annually to friends and allies. We spend mega-billions fighting alone to protect the world in a series of unending, unprofitable Mideast wars, while here at home our national debt increases by trillions of dollars.

What have we gained from the trillions spent saving the world for democracy? Must we continue to count our losses in millions of lives lost, mutilated warriors, and the living who have been crippled?

Does our government want us to continue on this path of fighting foreign wars while our nation continues to lose this suicidal economic war?

The Chinese government is buying full-page ads in our newspapers and joining our local real estate agents to buy up prime American land, our valuable resources, buildings, hotel chains, shopping centers, etc., with trillions of U.S dollars earned by selling us the consumer products they produce.

Dick De Witt


Dick De Witt is a former resident of Fairfield.