Letter: With poor Shelton snow response, it’s going to be a long winter

To the Editor:

It causes me great shame to have to acknowledge something as serious as the horrendous conditions of the roads here in Shelton.

It has also been brought to my attention that the number of plow trucks permitted to clear the streets has been restrictedly limited.

With no sand and an abundance of snow and other slippery materials, hundreds of children and adults are forced to risk their lives to travel in these unsafe conditions.

As a tax-paying constituent, it is not as simple as a “snow day” to prevent me — and many others — from still being required to proceed out to make a living.

It’s a shame the purse strings to this city must be clenched so tightly. I’m sure there are many other ways to stay within the budget — for example, maybe cutting down on some private, and extraneous, personal amenities.

As a student, I do not have the means myself to fix my car in case of an accident caused by these treacherous roads. Should my own income be considered my fault when the streets are in poor driving condition?

With that, I ask for the review of the plowing schedules. Otherwise, the possibility of the worst-case scenario is too grave for this city to even consider facing.

Katherine Lovallo