Letter: Writer questions origin of produce at Shelton Farmers Market

To the Editor:

Here we go again. As summer approaches, we get to sit back and watch as the Shelton Farmers Market building is host to one of the biggest “frauds” in the state.

The market master tells ridiculous stories of how the climate is warmer in Trumbull, or how they wait for the moon and the cosmos to align to plant their crops. When in reality they may just back up to a loading dock and get to play farmer each Saturday morning.

Instead of supporting local tax-paying farmers, we are discriminated against so out-of-towners can profit, at our taxpayers’ expense.

Most people know this goes on, but they all look the other way. That’s how it’s done here in Connecticut, and especially in Shelton.

Being home to Connecticut’s Outstanding Young Farmer two years in a row, amongst other great things Shelton has done to help preserve the future of sustainable agriculture in Connecticut, you would think that the only town with a designated farmers market building would better use the facility.

It is getting old listening to the stories used to keep real local farmers away.

We here in Shelton have the opportunity to create one of the model markets in the state. Only good things can happen from there.

It is time to kick them to the curb and put a breath of fresh air in downtown Shelton. Let Shelton support Shelton farmers.

Fred Monahan

Stone Gardens Farm


Editor’s comment: The Shelton Farmers Market sells items by farmers from Shelton, nearby towns and other communities in Connecticut. Based on state regulations, vendors are allowed to sell produce they do not grow as long as it is grown in Connecticut. Market master Guy Beardsley, a Shelton farmer, says limiting the market to only Shelton farmers is an admirable idea but not realistic.