Letter: Writer wants Shelton Farmers Market to be more up front

To the Editor:

In this day and age when parents try to make healthy choices for their children’s nutritional needs, they flock to local farmers markets believing they are getting locally grown produce and meats.

However, in many cases, and particularly here in downtown Shelton, they might as well go to the local supermarket where they’ll get a better variety of fruits and vegetables grown “God knows where” and for a better price.

Sure, the sellers at the farmers market may tell wonderful stories of local farming with fabulous tales of warmer weather in some Connecticut towns allowing them to plant earlier in the season.

But how does one come by tomatoes in this state during the month of June? Not by planting them in Connecticut, when the frost season ends in mid to late May.

The Shelton Farmers Market is separating unaware shoppers from their hard-earned money and WIC checks.

No one is asking the Shelton Farmers Market to limit itself to Shelton farmers only. What we are asking for is the truth about the origin of the goods being sold to us.

There are farmers here in Shelton who refuse to participate in the Shelton Farmers Market because they recognize it for what it is.

They are honest, hardworking individuals who will gladly give you a tour of their farm or answer your questions about farming, openly and honestly. You can actually see the crops growing in the fields they work.

John-Paul Marciano