Letter from a Shelton veteran: The word 'hero' should not be used frivolously

To the Editor:

Please, let’s get something straight. It is terribly wrong to refer to everyone in the military as a “hero.”

The term is so loosely used today, that it includes anyone and everyone in uniform. Most military people are just average like those in civilian life.

Some become combat soldiers and they deserve a special “thank you” for their courage and bravery to face the horrors of war. But they are not the majority of our armed forces, nor are they necessarily heroes.

The dictionary describes a hero as a person who has the great courage to risk or sacrifice his or her life for the sake of others, or for the achievement of purpose.

It is a dishonor to our true heroes to use that term in a frivolous manner such as in the June 23 article regarding the fundraiser to be held at the Hartford Convention Center entitled, “Dancing With Our Heroes.”

Call them courageous. Call them brave. But not heroes unless they really are.

Doug Leigh, who lives in the Huntington section of the city, is a World War II combat veteran