Letter to the Editor: If you care about Huntington, take notice

To the Editor:
In 2018, Huntington Congregational Church and John Guedes wanted to put a PDD (Planned Development District) on Ripton Road. They wanted to erect more than 20 three-bedroom homes on 6.5 acres of land, leaving 1.4 acres for open space.
The PDD was turned down because that kind of development was never intended to be in a R-1 zone. The church and John Guedes then went the path of affordable housing, saying that “no counter offers were offered by P&Z.”
Lucille Fritz, pastor of HCC, stated “The church needed to sell the property because of an aging congregation and buildings we are faced with economic challenges.”
By selling the property at a high price, they may last a few more years, but eventually they will close.
John Guedes sees this as an open door to punish P&Z and the people of Huntington by putting affordable housing in. Of course, the amazing profit he will make has nothing to do with it.
This all boils down to the greed of both builder and church to get their pound of flesh. They will change the face of Huntington center forever, long past their own demise.
Neither the PDD nor the Affordable Housing Act was meant to be an act of punishment on a community. Say what they may, it all comes down to the almighty dollar for both John Guedes and Huntington Congregational Church.
They stated that “if the church fails, the whole face of Huntington Green may change forever.” What will happen when 20 houses or 84 apartments show up on Huntington Green? Those things won't do anything to the Green?
We all must stand up for our area of the city. If we do not, it will be taken away from us in a heartbeat. If they have 6 acres of land, then put five or six houses on it, like a R-1 zone is supposed to have. They will not agree to this because both parties are greedy and want to get very cent they can.
They tell you that they care, but they don;t care one bit about your neighborhood. Attend P&Z meetings and stand up for Huntington, make your voices heard or we all lose something important.
Leo Sands