Letter to the community: 'We are the Valley's food bank'

The following is a letter sent from Nicholas DaPaz, board chair of ACT-Spooner House, regarding donating for The Great Give.

October 3, 2013

Dear Friends;

As we continue the Great Give 2013 we can be thankful to so many in the Valley community that have contributed across the broad spectrum of non-profits in need. At Spooner House, your impact will provide us the ability to shelter and feed so many in our community, in the words of many “we are the Valley’s food bank”.

As I write this email I am reminded of a story that was brought to my attention from Spooner House; we had a donor walk in today, she was not familiar with online giving, the staff at ACT - Spooner House assisted her in making her gift online. She had read about the Great Give 2013 bearing in mind all the work we do at ACT - Spooner House.

I encourage you today to please, spread the word, to donate, and to help us give greatly;

Please remember we are registered in the Great Give 2013 as Area Congregations Together.

1)      Log onto www.thegreatgive2013.org

2)      Donate to “Area Congregations Together”, if you live or work in the Valley CHECK that box for a 100% match for a gift from the Valley Community Foundation. If you donate at least $25.00, they are offering a 100% match on your gift up to $125.00.

Don’t forget the Great Give 2013 ends tonight at 8:00 PM!


Nicholas DaPaz

Board Chair

Area Congregations Together – Spooner House