Letter writer: Lembo has increased transparency as state comptroller

To the Editor:

As the former vice chair of the city of Shelton’s Apportionment & Taxation board, an elected body that oversees the city’s budget, I have come to appreciate the efforts of our state comptroller, Kevin Lembo.

As comptroller, Lembo provides monthly reports on Connecticut’s financial condition that are based on facts and statistics, not politics.

Lembo has not only called for more government transparency, but has worked to make this a reality by creating an easy-to-use website called “Open Connecticut.”

This website allows taxpayers to see how their dollars are being spent. The website offers detailed information on state spending, borrowing and revenue each and every day.

I have seen Lembo’s work firsthand, and know that he has zero tolerance for waste and inefficiency in government; he even re-negotiated state healthcare contracts, which saved millions of dollars for taxpayers.

Kevin Lembo, the Democratic candidate for state comptroller, will continue to stand up for Connecticut taxpayers, and never let up in his job as the state’s fiscal guardian.

I hope you will join me in supporting Kevin Lembo as state comptroller on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Jimmy Tickey


Editor’s note: Jimmy Tickey is active in Democratiic Party politics.