Market needs to get rid of 'jobbers'

To the Editor:

A whole year has passed  since we brought up the fraud going on at The Shelton Farmers Market and it is right back to the same old story.

The market master said he would label anything that was brought in and not grown by the vendors and behind the public’s back he made all the vendors sign a form stating they are an exempt market so his cronies could continue lying to the public. It has gotten to the point where this is pretty amusing.

He is like the Wizard of Oz. “Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.” I guess this is what happens when the public is so far removed from where their food comes from. They believe whatever stories that the Wizard tells them.

I see that the Shelton Intermediate School community garden has really caught on. This is great news, hopefully the next generation will be educated in the science and art of what it really takes to grow food and the actual food producers (not jobbers) will gain the respect we all deserve. Future generations won’t have to pay any attention to what the man behind the curtain says because they will know better.

Fred Monahan

Stone Gardens Farm