Market runs smoothly, state certified

To the Editor:

Editor’s Note: This letter is a response to a letter by Fred Monahan that ran Oct. 24 titled “Market needs to get rid of ‘jobbers.’”

The Shelton Market is certified by the state Department of Agriculture as an “Exempt Market.” This means that vendors are allowed to buy extra Connecticut-grown produce to supplement their own, in order to meet demand.

The vendors all agree which products we allow ourselves to supplement. The list is signed by all the farmers and approved by representatives of the state. We fill out this exempt application at our public meeting, which is posted in Shelton City Hall and listed on our Facebook page.

Of the nearly 125 farmers’ markets in the state, many are Exempt markets like us; some are producer-only. The state requires us to provide valid receipts of all exempt produce if the place of origin is ever in question.

The Shelton Farmers’ Market began in 1993. It runs smoothly with vendor cooperation and satisfied customers, with increased sales every year. The market rules are available from the market master. Fred Monahan was a market member but left years ago of his own volition.

Guy Beardsley

Market master