Market vendors are bringing the best

To the Editor:

“Fraud” and “amusing” are two of the words used in the Oct. 24 letter to the editor, “Market needs to get rid of 'Jobbers'” editorial attempting again to discredit the wonderful vendors of the Shelton Farmers Market. The Proprietor of Stone Gardens Farm continues to say the market vendors are misleading the public. However, it is a simple matter to ask any of the vendors where their produce and goods come from and they will tell you. The vendors at the Shelton Farmers Market are all a very proud and dedicated group, who believe in bringing the best; to the market and to the community they serve.

The fraud is with the proprietor of Stone Gardens Farm. Why attack the vendors of the Shelton Farmers Market and insist that they are misleading the public? The simple answer is that, economic interests, and not a concern for our community, are what's driving Stone Gardens.  Stone Gardens is involved in other markets where their controlling ways have helped to bring in healthy profits for their business. Now they want to add the Shelton Farmers Market to their “basket of conquests”.  They see it as a fruit ripe for the picking. Stone Gardens have been invited many times to join the Shelton Farmers Market as a vendor, but they have chosen not to unless they can run the entire market. That is why there are these attempts to undermine the vendors at the Shelton Farmers Market and then “move in for the kill” when the public believes the propaganda that Stone Gardens spews out.

The amusing part is that the people in our community and the patrons of the Shelton Farmers Market see right through this rouse.

Mark Wilbur

Market patron