Perillo supports Tony Pogoda for P&Z

While there are differences of opinion regarding some of the Republican candidates for Planning and Zoning, there is no dispute about Anthony “Tony” Pogoda. He is universally supported and I believe we should all be voting for him on Nov. 7.

Anthony Pogoda has the support of every Republican official in Shelton that I know including Mayor Mark Lauretti, Rep. Ben McGorty, GOP Chairman Anthony Simonetti as well as the advocacy group Save Our Shelton. I count myself among his strongest backers and I ask that you join me in giving him your support at the polls.

I served with Tony on the Planning and Zoning Commission before I was elected State Representative. I can tell you without hesitation that he truly has the best interests of residents at heart. He understands the impacts of proposed developments. He listens to applicants and residents intently and then deliberates thoughtfully in making his decisions.

Tony knows what he’s doing and he is thoughtful, compassionate and impartial. This is exactly what we need from a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. He’s the right person for the job.

I was proud to serve alongside Tony then and I am grateful to be represented by him now. Tony is the third Republican on the ballot line – the farthest to the right - so please be sure to look for him on the ballot and fill in the oval above his name.