Priorities: Negative TV ads vs. helping the homeless, creating jobs

To the Editor:

There have been reports of hundreds of homeless people across Connecticut seeking shelter on any given night. Our sympathy goes out to these poor Americans.

How well we remember wealthy, powerful America of our youth. We are puzzled and confused that we must now struggle with a basic problem of providing food and decent shelter for thousands of our American families in Connecticut, but the entire country is suffering from unemployment.

Is this problem too difficult for our current crop of  political candidates to mention or do they think it makes more sense for them to spend millions of media dollars insulting each other?

Is it possible the wealthy 1% might help our homeless by donating a few billion dollars to help feed and provide shelter for our nations homeless?

Where are the Connecticut politicians we should have to lead us to do our share?

Is this the proper time for our government to consider giving citizenship to 12 million illegal immigrants?

Should President Barack Obama be spending his valuable time recruiting allies on the other side of the world to fight another evil dictator in our ongoing, 60-year war against evil?

All our presidents have shouted “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” But not one has developed a program to tax imports and stop heavy taxation and debilitating laws that have bankrupted many American employers, forcing them to move overseas or basically sell out to China and Japan.

Dick De Witt