Public is being misled about market

To the Editor:

Editor’s note: This is a response to a letter that ran last week, titled: “Market vendors are ‘bringing the best.’”

I would like to thank Mark Wilbur for further evidence that the public is being misled by those in charge of the Shelton Farmers Market. I was a member there from 1996 through July 2003 and left when the market master would not enforce the rules that the association voted in, and instead protected his buddy in Trumbull. He said the climate was warmer in Trumbull when, in fact, the man was, and continues to, grocery shop at wholesale vegetable houses and pass it on as his own product. Deceptive jobbers with only economic interests in mind are misleading the public for profit. In 1998, my wife Stacia attended the Shelton Economic Development Committee meetings when they were proposing construction of the Shelton Farmers Market Building. We knew that that building would be the perfect place for a successful farmers market. We were forced to leave because we had no say, representation or input on how the market was managed. We were flat out lied too.

I really like the colorful opinion Mark Wilbur has of my family, my staff and myself. We all work very hard to accomplish what we do every day. It is not easy to grow all of the food that we do and it is a compliment that you think we are trying to take over the world, one farmers market at a time. While you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. It is not propaganda spewing from my mouth, it is facts. And the sad part is you bought into their propaganda and when the truth finally does surface you will be as disgusted with them as I am.

“Feather by feather the goose gets plucked.”

Fred Monahan

Stone Gardens Farm