Resident asks, ‘innocent until proven guilty?’

To the Editor:

I am very upset over how the city of Shelton is handling the charges against Sharon A. Scanlon. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” How much has been stolen — no one seems to know exactly. If she is only charged with larceny and forgery and still has to go to court in Milford on Feb. 5 to be proven guilty or innocent, why is there a lien on her house and for how much?

According to the Finance Director Mr. Marusic, he informed the mayor of the missing funds and yet he is being punished and forced to retire, though he appears to have done nothing wrong. I guess the mayor’s shoulders cannot personally bear the responsibility. It is a little too late for crosschecks and balances as recommended by the mayor in your latest newspaper. Something is wrong with the finance department. Is the city of Shelton paying for Sharon Scanlon’s attorney fee?

I personally filed a State FOI complaint on Feb. 20, 2007 against Scanlon for not being able to give me any information on the installation of 3/10th of a mile of road pavement on Yukata Trail on Dec. 18, 2006 for $42,300. It was made in an emergency situation (priced higher) because the original contractor was unable to do the work because it was too cold. No paperwork showed up until the first week of February 2007 and that was the purchase order to Brennan Construction dated 1/12/2007. Brennan Construction did the work and set the price almost a month later. I complained then for the same reason, lack of paperwork. They won, even though I had the help of three Aldermen.

Irving N. Steiner