Resident thanks emergency personnel for ‘going above and beyond’

To the Editor:

In the heat of the summer it may be difficult to remember last winter’s cold, but for our family, last February’s blizzard will not easily be forgotten because it was during that time that my mom experienced a medical emergency and had to be transported to a local hospital by ambulance.

Having to take an ambulance to a hospital is stressful enough, but when the emergency call came in to the Shelton police station dispatcher shortly after midnight on Sunday, Feb. 10, the immense amount of snow that had fallen over the previous two-and-a-half days complicated matters.

To allow police and ambulance personnel access to my family member’s home, a path of more than 100 feet had to be shoveled by hand and we were fortunate that a large number of volunteer fire personnel responded to do so.

'Job well done'

So on behalf of my mom, Clara DeFelice, and my family, we would like to extend a big “thank you” to the following police, fire and EMT personnel for not only a “job well done” but going above and beyond during this emergency call:

— Shelton police officers Roger Falcone and John Napoleane.

— Echo Hose Company 1 volunteer firefighters Matt Eckert, William Elwood, Randy Jennings, A. J. Martin, Michael Meresko, Michael Nuendorf, John Scollin and Fred Tagg.

— Echo Hose EMTs Desiree Caporaso and Jason Correia.

Shelton residents are very fortunate to have such dedicated and skilled police, fire and EMT personnel to serve them when a serious emergency arises.