Resident wants pow wow in Shelton

To the Editor:

Am I reading right? Are we really backing out of a offer to let the Paugussett tribe use part of OUR land for their pow wow? Really? Because it wasn't their land first? Because it wasn't their ancestors who walked here before? They certainly weren't mine. Mine were strolling piazzas in Italy. If you listen carefully, the more common language I hear in Shelton is Polish. It wasn't their ancestors either.

I love cultural diversity. I love tasting and hearing things out of my norm. Funny the big one lacking is Native American. We have towns and streets with names that are reminiscent of their existence.

But block their cultural affair? I, for one, am one embarrassed. I would love to attend a pow wow — I'm 100% supportive. Does it have to be at Nicholdale. How about Indian Well, or the slab? If it was big enough I would offer my yard.

We can have carnivals, close downtown for Shelton Day but we can't make this work? We aren't bending over backwards for this opportunity. Who makes these calls?

Come on Shelton, don’t let the ball drop and let me down on this one.

Donna Smith