Rude treatment was unnecessary

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday I went to Shelton High School to pick up my daughter and I was parked in a zone that was not a pick up zone. I have parked there for six years and did not realize that they have changed the parking.

Well, my complaint is against a police sergeant who told me to move. He was very rude and unprofessional. He stated to me that he would give me a ticket if I ever parked there again. I told him I was sorry and would move but he continued on about how he would take my picture and ticket me. Again, I told him I was sorry and would move. I backed up and again he came over to me and stated I backed up over one-foot from the curb, and said “how about I just give you a ticket for parking too far from the curb,” again I stated that I was sorry and would move.

My point is I worked in a prison for 23 years and would never talk to a inmate or treat him the way I was treated by this sergeant. Again, I was wrong, but to be talked to in this manner is very upsetting to me as a taxpayer in the city of Shelton.

Fred Poole