Shelton Lunch Ladies want to know, what’s up?

I am Joy Delvecchio, a Shelton Lunch Lady. I have worked in the Shelton Public schools for 20 years. For 10 months now my coworkers and I have been struggling to protect our healthcare and income security with our new employer, Whitson’s. After months and months of negotiations, Whitson’s still refuses to answer a basic question; “If Whitson's bid to the Shelton Board of Education for labor costs is virtually the same as the Union’s proposal for labor cost…. Why can’t Whitson's settle a fair contract?

After numerous discussions with our employer, we feel Whitsons can afford to maintain our standard of living.  Our numbers that we have presented to Whitson’s show that our last proposal in negotiations is virtually the same as Whitson’s labor costs they submitted to the Board of Education. Repeatedly, we have asked them to discuss this with us. Repeatedly, we have asked them to show us if our numbers are wrong. They continue to refuse. This leaves us all pondering…. either they can’t do the math, or they are hiding something.  

I know me and my coworkers have worked hard try to find a compromise in these difficult negotiations. We worked hard and found an affordable alternative for our healthcare that saves Whitson’s money. We have compromised on our income security by reducing our paid days off. We did all this in order to get into the range of Whitson’s bid on labor costs. We accomplished that goal. Our numbers show that the Company can settle and preserve our income security.

What is Whitson’s motive for not settling with their employees? Are they trying to make money off of our economic safety net?

Me and my coworkers have voted to continue to fight for a fair contract. We call on Whitsons to do the right thing and settle on our proposal that is in line with their bid. This settlement will protect Shelton Lunch Ladies healthcare and income security.