Sunnyside neighbors participate in Earth Day cleanup

A handful of neighbors in the Sunnyside area celebrated Earth Day on Saturday, April 22 by cleaning up a much-neglected strip of land along Hawthorne Avenue. As far as we know, this is city-owned property which has been overgrown and used as a dump site for several years. It was an eyesore and a hazard.

Our cleanup efforts included garbage pickup, leaf raking, and brush cutting. We hauled away garbage, packed leaf bags, and stacked branches. Shelton Public Works picked up the 20-plus leaf bags, but declined to pick up the branches. Reason given: “We don’t do that [pick up branches].”

So who does?

We are proud of our progress to date and have more cleanup to do. We walk our dogs, play with our children, and visit our neighbors in this neighborhood, and want it treated with respect. This year, Earth Day served as a call to action in caring for our communal space. It remains an inspiration for the hands-on outreach beyond our front yards. We did a lot of good work in partnership with each other. We hope the City of Shelton will partner with us for these cleanups and other initiatives that benefit our community.