Supporting real food, real quality

To the Editor:

To Mr. Wilbur’s response on Oct. 31, in regards to Mr. Monahan's letter Oct. 24 and this past week:

I have read all letters to the editor, including the first that was sent in last year by Mr. Monahan. As a shopper of both the Shelton Farmers Market and Stone Gardens, I personally don't feel Mr. Wilbur knows all the facts. I have shopped the farmer market when I can. I find the hours of operation extremely inconvenient because I work every day, including Saturday. But when I have made it, I’ve seen beautiful produce by local growers. I have also seen tomatoes out of our natural growing season with stickers on it. What local grower puts stickers on their tomatoes? That, unfortunately, taints my overall view of the market.

I personally support the Monahan's mission and can't understand why any local wouldn’t. I commend them for separating themselves from something that they feel is wrong.

The Monahan's work hard and are accessible all season. What's wrong with trying to profit off the hard work they did? We all have to profit to survive.

I loved last week’s article about Stone Gardens partnering with Liquid Lunch. Can't everyone come together for the common good of a self sustaining, self supporting community? I, for one, am tired of my unknown food sources; of giving big name grocery stores top dollar for frozen peppers in a BPA bag labeled product of China. I'd rather give my money to those I know are working hard, providing this community real food, real quality. I support the hard workers at the farmers markets, the Jones family, the Beardsleys and the Fred and Stacia Monahan. I hope someday soon to see a permanent year-round market where I can get access to all of them at a more convenient hours for those of us who can't successfully grow or bake anything ourselves and find my other options unacceptable.