Thank you to Shelton voters

To the Editor:

On behalf of the entire Shelton Fire Department, I would like to thank everyone who voted “Yes” for the referendum question regarding the replacement of our aging fire apparatus. For the residents who aren't aware, the Shelton Fire Department is looking to purchase four brand new, state of the art, fire trucks. These new vehicles will replace six trucks that range in age from 23 to 36 years old.

Each of the four fire stations will receive one new fire truck. For the past four or five years, this replacement plan has only been a vision. With the overwhelming support of the Shelton residents, it is now a reality. Our dedicated volunteers have been working hard to design vehicles that will best serve the city and its residents for a long time to come. Thank you all again for your continued support and have a safe holiday season.

Daryl Osiecki, assistant fire chief, Shelton Fire Department