‘This is the first time that I’ve felt excited to vote for Mayor – because of Michele Bialek’

I moved to Shelton nine years ago to be close to my job at Sikorsky and this is the first time thatI’ve felt excited to vote for Mayor – because of Michele Bialek.

I’m unaffiliated. Party politics are not my thing. What is my thing, is common sense, integrity, vision, detailed plans, and responsible use of my money. That’s why I’m voting for Michele Bialek for Mayor.

I watched as our Assistant Finance Director was convicted for stealing about $900,000 right from her desk at City Hall. Did the Mayor Lauretti steal that money? No. But that position wasn’t bonded!  It’s management 101. A good leader creates a culture of honesty AND puts systems in place to prevent fraud – why wasn’t the Assistant Director of Finance bonded like in other cities?

I’ve driven my car over roads that were “repaved” with chip seal, making them worse than they were before. Chip seal is cheap, so that’s nice…but it’s murder on the body of your car (which is an expense to taxpayers) and after only one winter it’s already worn away in many spots. So here, all that “paving” was really money down the drain.

What gets me the most, though is the lack of vision. We have a city with miles of waterfront –and no plans to use them aside from selling off land to private developers. Where’s the master plan to prevent overdevelopment of our open spaces (like with these Planned Unit Developments proposed for Perry Hill and next to the Bushinsky Arboretum)? Where is the plan to boost commercial activity in our struggling commercial centers like the downtown? Michele Bialek has these plans - and the details are available for anyone to see and understand on her website: www.MicheleBialek2015.com.

She has detailed plans, a solid track record as a successful business owner, and strong relationships that extend throughout the business community and beyond. She has a set of systems she would put in place to make sure our budgets are sound and no one can steal from City Hall. Michele Bialek has the skills, experience, relationships, vision and plans that Shelton needs.