Two new Shelton hires cause stir

Recent news stories told how two new out-of-town administrators were appointed in the Shelton School System. There were four applicants within the Shelton School System but none were chosen. Why? Wasn’t it policy of current education administration to promote from within? Didn't they set up a leadership program six years ago to make this happen? The four internal candidates received state administrator certification and served their internship. What went wrong?

What are current Board of Education members doing besides rubber stamping these appointments? I’ve been told the Board of Education has given the Superintendent carte blanche authority to decide on these and other appointments. I learned they asked his permission to have at least two BOE members present during job interviews. Whoopee!

Abrogating their elected authority to manage our school system is hardly the way I want to see our school system progress. This is not in our students’ best interest. While we need day-to-day management that administrators bring, the BOE is still in charge and has final say over all educational matters. If we are to get the best educational results year after year, we need board members who understand our educational system and are willing participants in the selection and managements process. They can’t be puppets of the Superintendent.

I am a retired teacher with 40 years experience in the Shelton School System. I received the National Educational Leadership Award and was named Shelton Teacher of the Year. I ask for the opportunity to apply some of that experience and knowledge as a member of the Board of Education. If given the chance, I assure you that I will not sit by and delegate the authority you will vest in me.


Dr. Darlisa Ritter

2015 Republican candidate for BOE