What party am I in?

I have been a Republican for over 40 years. I don't really understand party views in Shelton. The comments I have read especially the most recent campaign article on 10/18 are quite disturbing. Alderman Simonetti was quoted as saying "In order for Widomski to receive support from the city’s Republican Party, should he be elected, he would need to “follow in the party line and continue the work that the P&Z has been doing right along.” What I read from this is giving the citizens of Shelton a choice in who to vote for should not be allowed. And if the people do elect someone they don't want they will try to force them into their thinking. I can think of several names for political parties where on person controls everything while his minions carry out hid bidding. That is not what the Republican party should be. I'm almost embarrassed to tell people I'm a Republican in Shelton. If not for several Republicans like Alderman Anglace, Alderman Capra, Alderman McGorty, P&Z commissioner Anthony Pagoda, State Representative s McGorty and Perillo, I might of lost all confidence. Can some tell me why we the citizens of Shelton can't speak for ourselves?