What’s the logic to which streets get plowed?

To the Editor:

I am a Shelton resident and I also work in the Scinto towers. I have to say I’m embarrassed when people at work complain about the snowplowing in Shelton. They cannot understand why our streets are so bad during and after winter storms, and I’m not just talking about the latest snowstorm. The area around the towers, specifically, Huntington Turnpike, Commerce Drive and Progress Street, are absolutely terrible during and after snowstorms. Thousands of people come to work in this area every day. Shouldn’t this be one of the priority areas. Even though the street I live on has been widened considerably, Huntington Center and the intersection of Commerce and Huntington Street are still not wide enough to allow for two lanes of travel. Earlier this week Huntington Turnpike between Bridgeport Avenue and Trap Falls Road was not wide enough for two cars to get by. I don’t understand the logic here. Why is the street I live on, only traveled on by the people who live there, better than the roads that thousands of people use to get to and from work?

Laura Van Scoy