Why hasn’t Lauretti attended the Board of A&T Meetings?

As the Democratic members of the Board of Apportionment and Taxation (Board of A&T) of the city of Shelton, it is becoming increasingly disconcerting that Mayor Lauretti has not attended either of our duly noticed meetings held since the election on Nov. 7, and therefore, we have not been able to elect a Chairperson or conduct any business beyond approving our calendar of meetings for the year.  At the first meeting scheduled for Nov. 30, 2017, we all appeared, three Democrats and three Republicans, and waited for the Mayor to appear and perform his duty pursuant to the Charter to convene the meeting so that we would be able to elect a Chairperson.  The Mayor did not appear and could not be reached by phone. In the absence of the Mayor, we determined that we could not proceed.  At the next regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 28, 2017, we again assumed that the Mayor would appear and we could move forward.  Much to our amazement, however, the Mayor did not appear at that meeting either.  Karen Battistelli acted as Chair Pro Tem for the purpose of convening the meeting, so she called the meeting to order, and we put nominations on the floor for Chair.  However, as might have been expected, we cast two tie votes for Chair, with the three Democrats voting for the Democratic nominee and the three Republicans voting for the Republican nominee.  Mrs. Battistelli attempted to reach the Mayor by telephone, but there was no answer. We waited almost 30 minutes with no response.  So, once again, we have no Chair.  Although we were told that there were no requested line-item transfers on which we would be asked to act, it was apparent from the budget run print-outs handed to us on the night of the meeting that there are many line items in the Town budget that have already been overspent, and these departments should be coming before the Board for action.  Without a Chair, the Board simply cannot effectively perform the functions for which it has been elected.  We respectfully ask that the Mayor perform the functions required by the Charter, and appear at the next scheduled meeting prepared to break the tied votes as required.  His failure to appear simply does not serve his constituents well, and it wastes the time of those of us who are volunteering to serve the City.